LAHUKA was founded in 2010 by seasoned expedition and logistics experts with over thirty years experience of planning, leading and executing major conservation and adventure expeditions, research projects, filming and television projects within the Indonesian Archipelago.After several years of outstanding work in the field of fixer services supporting wildlife Filming to some of the remotest locations across the Indonesian Archipelago the company was granted production house status in 2017 and continues to support major wildlife documentaries for leading Networks around the world.

Registered :

Izin Usaha Perfilman (IUP) / Filming Business
Nomor : 0164 / IUP.Pusbangfilm/11/ 2017
Tanda Daftar Usaha Perfilman (TDUP) / Filming Business Registered
Nomor : 0169 / TDUP.Pusbangfilm/11/2017

Our mission is to enhance the collaborative efforts of Indonesian and other Nationals in adventure expedition, research,   television and filming projects. We can achieve this by smoothing the way, so you can focus on your expedition, research , filming and television objectives with the peace of mind that all the necessary bureaucratic and logistical requirements are being met.